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Friday, November 2, 2012

Answer #35 Cop Buddies?

A Reviewer told me he thought my story really took a shot at the police and that I wouldn't have a friend in the police business after they read this story.

Policing in many ways is akin to any other jobs. You go to work, punch in and deal with internal crap. Who did what and who said what. That kind of stuff. It's not like I'm ever going to be welcomed back to the Austin Police Department. The current chief wants to have a family environment like the old chief and I suppose imitate him in many ways. He didn't come to understand the former chief in all his terrible glory like I did. I had a front row seat into that man's awful life. I feel very fortunate to have experienced what the old chief dished up. There will probably be more like him down the line but there'll never be another who's more hypercritical than him. I left the Police Department in better shape as I was being pushed out the door. So no, cops swing by the place and hang out and talk about the old times and that sort of thing. I was in that racket for far to long to not have friends in it. Is the old chief welcome in my house? No, never. I wish him the best but I just don't feel a kindred spirit with someone who is constantly playing the lying game. That man hurt his wife and children, let down his coworkers and the very community he served in. He was very naughty and I seriously don't think he understands how or why. So my story is hard on bad bosses. It could be applied to any crummy boss out there. I'm not the first guy to have a icky boss and I won't be the last.

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