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Friday, November 9, 2012

Answer #40 Selling your book

To be honest, I get embarrassed just imagining what I'd read in JusThis, so I do have to a take a pass on it. But I wish you great good fortune with it; I know there's a market!

These kinds of comments trickle in. Stuff like - if you tone it down a bit it'll sell more. If it wasn't so vulgar women would read it. They read more than men ya know! I wrote this story and figure it's spot on. I know there are people who can't deal with this material. But, I stand by it. I figure it'll shed light on the dark side. People will realize they aren't the only ones to have been screwed by nasty bosses. A lot of individuals have been taken advantage of by pretend friends, husbands, whatever. They'll realize that people can pretend to be 'oh so' sweet while they are only in it for uno numeral #1. Who knows, may be I'm dead wrong. I figure if we can talk about it, then we can start doing something about it. We can start being safer when we venture out into the jungle of
America. We'll know where the predators lay in wait.

I figure in the land of the free, where girls and little boys vanish into thin air, it's high time to put together this story. You know what's even scarier? . . . this stuff happens. I know. I didn't have to make this story up. I only had to remember events from a loooong career in law enforcement. 

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