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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Answer #44 If you're such a Tough Guy

If you're such a tough guy why'd ya not jump in the water and slap that alligator silly? An individual who has never seen one of these things in the wild asked me this after seeing the alligator posting.

Ahh, after I was done screaming louder than Shirley Temple and throwing that trouble making little critter back into the drink the show was over. Them monsters appear and then disappear in a flash. There were, I kid you not, people, crabbers, in the swamp up to their necks fishing crab pots out of the drink. Gosh, I mean, really, there has to be something else less treacherous to do than that. Something like sneaking up to a bull and kicking him in the gonads. After calm was restored it was like "a sir . . . do you really think that was smart?" Yeap, swamp people can sure rub your nose in it when they have the upper hand.

Answer to yesterdays trivia question is, drum roll please, this is Peyton Manning's home place. We jumped off a streetcar called desire (kidding) and walked like a gazillion miles (not kidding) in blazing heat for a visit. They musta been busy or something because I was hollering for a glass of lemonade to no avail. On the way back to the French Quarter the street car dude showed me how to operate it. 

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