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Friday, December 21, 2012

Answer #54 Tired?

You ever get tired of running around town signing your book?

Nope, this question was asked of me over and over again. I really don't though. It's great to spend a week zipping around and visiting and consuming tons of Christmas treats. The coffee has been magnificent. Questions keep getting tossed about . . . like who is Chimlyn? Why couldn't Sassy die? Is this story plausible? Do guys really use such vulgar terms? How can cops do this kind of work, isn't it gross? Do cops accidentally shoot people? Was writing this book cathartic for you. Read on my friends and perhaps you'll figure out Chimlyn's identity. Yes, this story is plausible, I'm a former cop turned writer, not a writer telling cop stories. A former sailor called me and told me I have the naval language down pat. Sure the police bump into things that are shocking. Individuals are accidentally shot at times. That's why cops train so much. It felt great to finish my first but not last book. The skills I picked up, the people I've met, the places I've went. It's been great, a real adventure. Peace my friends. 

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