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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Answer #55 Second Book?

Jill Shatek wondered where is part 2??? I'll be banging it out soon! I suppose it'll be in a town polluted with corporate types who love to have streets named after them. That kind of nonsense  I've been thinking on a shot to Tuscany for school, bike rides across the countryside and time well spent under a cask of red. Have a signing in Albert Lea on the 10th 4-6 at Prairie Winds Coffee House, one in Bemidji and some book drop in's. Interested Book Clubs are invited to drop me a line. Would love to hang out and discuss JusThis. One club - Booze, Broads and Books sounds interesting. I mean that name about sums it up - huh? Anyways, in the spirit of New Years, if I didn't see you in the pasture, I'll see you in the new year! 

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