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Friday, January 4, 2013

#56 Answers

You going to write another one? Yeap, I really like the learning deal. The art of nailing a novel, working with editors and designers. Then partnering with Amazon, Smashwords, Nook, Kindle and iStore. Everyone of them have different requirements. Figuring out how to set books up for retail. Book World by the way. Then sitting up book signings and media interviews. It's been enjoyable. I think the best part of it all is the fact I got to meet some really wonderful types who have shared my writing dream. It's also a unique feeling to walk into a library and realize you have a book in there!

What are you going to do if someone doesn't like your book. I'm going to have to remember the old saying . . . 'Different strokes for different folks." I've really attempted to put samples on the website and warn people that it does indeed contain a very vulgar individual.

How does it feel to have written a book? I really got a kick outta having people enjoy a story I put together. I also stand by the summation in the story. It's a read that sheds light on why people like General Peterus make mistakes. Why Todd Akin was wrong when he used the term 'Good Rape'. The book identifies and tackles the human experience. If just one person could benefit from it I'd be very happy.

Why did ____ get away with what she pulled. Can't you rewrite that part? I left the name out so I don't spoil the story for others who may not be that far into it yet. I figured that's the way life is. Sometimes things just don't end up the way they should.

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