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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Answer #58 Is JusThis Plausible?

You have delivered a strong writing style but your story isn't plausible. Everyone knows cops wouldn't do this. A book reviewer, who I was fortunate to have met in person told me this. I told him that I wasn't a writer writing about cops. I was a cop writing about cops. I felt I had earned the right to tell this twisted tale of so much going so wrong. He stared at me and said . . . "You mean this could happen, really, I mean really happen?" In telling this story it was difficult for me to remain close to some of these characters. But I felt compelled to discuss rape from the point of view of the rapist. That's not easy stuff to do. I just felt it was high time to educate vs entertain. If you want action, spies and shooting go to a James Bond movie. Women get this message more readily than men. Men seem to just want action-action and more action.

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