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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Educate to Eradicate!

The first letter is from the Austin Artworks Festival inviting me to attend the annual event for a book signing and presentation. Authors are provided an area where they can meet and greet the public. Friends of the Library will be on hand for assistance.

A copy of JusThis is also on hand in the public library.

The second letter is from Renae Sather who does a wonderful job as a host for her radio program, Freeborn County Live. After reviewing my book she decided to turn down my request for an on air interview because she felt the subject matter wasn't suited for her audience.

I feel it's high time we start understanding rape by getting inside the head of the rapist. Death, suicides and vulgar language are just part of the landscape these individuals obsess with. Educate to Eradicate. But I strongly feel both viewpoints must be respected. 

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