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Friday, February 15, 2013

A Question of y'all!

I've signed and met with readers around the Midwest. Everyone was enthusiastic and upbeat except for the community of Austin. Seems like a certain fear factor exists  Why? I've heard such things as 'I have to be discreet  'If Jim Hurm (City Administrator) found out I'd be uncomfortable. I'm afraid of getting knifed in the back if anyone knew. What does it mean? Really, the book is in the library, Hurm or the Mayor didn't stop that? The Mayor read it and I got the feeling didn't like it. He thought I was hard on someone named Kathy. I told him I didn't know he could read and that nobody named Kathy is in the book. Oh well. But seriously, Higgens Books has the book, you can purchase it and he wouldn't even probably remember you. Order on line at Amazon. I or nobody else can find out who purchased the book. better yet, stand up for your fight to read whatever you want!

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