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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Feedback & Possible Beards

Heard a story yesterday from a current elementary teacher. He was planning on heading to Rochester with a friend who had showed up from the Cities. While he was dashing around the house his friend had picked up his copy of JusThis and started reading it. One chapter led to another one. His friend was asking where he came up with a copy of the book and they talked about it all the way to Roch!

On a side note. I suppose I was shaving about once a week in my second or forth year of college. Then I was hired by the fine city of Normal (kidding) - Austin. You hadda be clean shaven, mustache not counting. So now it dawns on me. As a freeman in Normal (kidding) I can see what happens if I forget shaving. Had uncles Charley and Al on one side of the family who were bearded wonders. My dad on the other hand, I'm thinking he died before facing a real need to shave. His brother Jerry, I'm not sure about his beard growing prowess. So long story short . . . this represents one weeks effort. Next photo coming on Monday.

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