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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Questions . . . Questions and more Questions!

So an aspiring author in the seventh grade was excited and couldn't wait to read JusThis. She got into it with Mom who didn't figure this stuff was for kids. I actually received an apology for having lost an opportunity to sell a book!  Agreed . . . this stuff is for a hardened mature audience. I cut and pieced together tales to create the story. The stuff in this book happens though people who aren't in the police bizz do not have to put up with it if they don't want to. I disagreed with having lost a book sale . . . I told the mom after she admonished her daughter to not read the book she probably inadvertently sold a thousand copies! Kids will be kids.

A Reviewer for the Midwest Book Reviews told me in no uncertain terms that I am an extremely strong, angry writer but unfortunately the story wasn't plausible and besides . . . people need to believe in their police being good. I responded with a hearty 'Thanks but . . . ' I explained that I was in the law enforcement racket for many, many years and started writing afterwards. Oh lord he said . . . 'you mean this stuff happens?' I told him to check it out on the internet. For example, a former Chief I worked for is listed out there on a bad cop site Check Out #6 ! Policing is like other careers out there, mainly good but sometimes bad. Just think, there has to be the worst doctor in the world out there and he's going to work tomorrow. The only way we get better is by acknowledging issues in the first place. That's what JusThis is all about.

Are you prejudice like other cops? We all have prejudices, I hate seeing roadkill . . . liver . . . and plies in a pouch used as a fashion statement. I seriously think racial prejudice is fading in the law enforcement ranks.

What was your greatest accomplishments in your career as a cop? Sooo many stories and I crossed the paths of so many great human beings. Some of these grand folks continue to reach out to this day. If I had to boil it down to one and only one accomplishment, it was that I stood up for what I believed in. I didn't take a buyout and run away. I stood up against all the things that somehow felt wrong. I was on a School Board and supported efforts to get some counseling for the then School Superintendent.  I wanted to assist the district employees by doing what I said I'd do when I ran for office. I signed a complaint against my Chief when I discovered previous efforts to help him with an internet addiction were fruitless. So there you go, I am most proud for having stood up for what I thought was right and for having kept my word.  

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