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Friday, May 31, 2013

Questions & Answers

How did you come up with your characters? I've hung out with some interesting folks let me tell you.
Am I gonna be in your next book? Maybe, if you're in possession of an interesting or unique life.
Aren't you afraid of getting sued? No.
You going to run for Mayor and straighten them out like you did our Schools? No.
What do ya think of Amanda Hocking? She's made millions writing about zombies-good for her!
Are you truck driving? No, I'm typing.
Is writing cathartic for you? Love is cathartic, like my wife, family, band-aids and oh yes . . . writing.
Why don't you move? I've thought about it, like hitting for like Lanesboro, how cool-huh?
Were you bummed out by what you had to deal with? Nope, I get bummed out at funerals.
Are you prejudiced? We all are, I hate roadkill, liver and onions and bored doctors wives.
Why do you story tell with such detail? Because I want to, it's my style I suppose.
What's your favorite wine? Anything red that comes in a box or something I made.
When are you going to write another book? Pretty soon, I suppose.
Who's your favorite President? Lincoln, he did right and was mocked and killed for his efforts.
Did you ever think you could write a book? I always figure a person can do anything they set their mind to.

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