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Sunday, June 9, 2013


I've always loved dogs and have always had one or more in my life.  This little bugger is in D.C. - any guesses?

Things I do when writing . . . 

Tip #1 Dream up, realize or discover a storyline. I've seen all sides of policing and figure John Sanford has the cop running around kicking ass down pat. Lucas Davenport and Clint Eastwood you know. I figure cops are human, nobodies perfect, so cops make mistakes. That's where I've focused my effort. 
Tip #2 Develop characters. Just think, somewhere someone is putting on a uniform who is the worst cop in the world. Has to be one of 'em out there, law of probabilities, you know.
Tip #3 Hone your craft or style. You can do this hanging out with writers, listening and reading a ton. Schools are out there.
Tip #4 Just do it! 

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