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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Creative Folks

What's the coolest thing 'bout 'riting ahhh book? Has to be a new found appreciation for creative people. I'm mean, take Jean Accola. She is an amazing artist with a gallery in Durand. I picked up a watercolor of flowers and she picked up my book. Jean made mention of her love of the Apostle Islands and so off I went, to the Islands. Thanks for the suggestion Jean. She also mentioned that Vietnam is a great place to visit . . . I'll have to drum up some courage to make that trip. Anyways . . . Peggy loves the painting!

Next I suppose I'll have to introduce Duncan . . .

Great painting . . . great conversation . . . great suggestions for trails to travel.

Here's to Pegs & Jean Accola.

Just a two fisted Leinies drinker on a picnic.

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