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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Me a Mountain Climber?

Showed up to assault a good ol' Rockie Mountain-right. I had shorts on, with a T-shirt, tennis shoes. Wrong gear I guess. Left base camp with the others who were in hiking gear, Columbia, that sort of thing. Headed up into the really thin air only getting lost once. Made the climb but found out ya can't toast with red wine. Alcohol and caffeine are frowned upon I guess and besides a bottle of red is too heavy. You're suppose to pack energy bars or something. Then bang, had to get back to the tree line because of lighting. Then had to follow that up with a relentless march to base camp because of a huge storm rolling in. Some holed up under rock outcroppings but I marched on. I lucked out and didn't get smoked with hail or anything. So get this, exhausted right? Can't get no sleep cause of bears. A huge sow with cubs shows up in camp nosing around for anything to eat. All you do is scream, bang pots, and shine lights on the bear while trying to keep some distance from the cubs who actually were nosing around two guys in sleeping bags. They started hollering 'Yo Bear' which was actually kinda funny later. Nobody got hurt and I was asked if a bear is gonna be in my next book! But hey . . . I did it, I climbed that mountain.
Up, up and away.

Climb On.

Almost There, I think.

Rainbow at the end of the climb.

A view from near the peak.

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