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Saturday, July 6, 2013


So I was told that I'd make a great fellow ministering to people's needs . . . something 'bout how I am honest, great listener (wife didn't say that) and on and on. Anyways, being accused of honesty, I hadda respond that I'd never wanna be a part of any belief system that would want me as it's leader.

Have been running with great people and it's always back to the water as Lou Reed says . . .
I woke up to this kinda thing each and every day while some of my less fortunate brethren were off to work, kids, soccer games and on and on as Dick Lees would say. Gus McCrae did say it takes a special man who can truly enjoy himself, oh, and I do. Ain't I spec-C-cial?

My version of an Aircraft Carrier.

Cool bar on Literary Avenue. I was downing one talking about this and that . . .  and realized I'm not in college anymore. The kids (college age) were referring to me as none other than Pappa Pabst. I was drinking Microbrewed stuff by the way.

Just met this guy - right? He says I read your book on my iPhone while I was stuck on a plane. The dog, that'd be my trusty traveling companion and one mean little bastard-Taco.

Okay Okay, at my age I have acquired some cunning. I rented this two seater right, and would you believe I was tooling around in no time with a babe in tow?

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