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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stomping Out 'Snarky Behavior'

Okay, from the plains to the mountains I do wander . . . haven't spotted any poisonous snakes just yet . . . but did encounter some snarky behavior in Cheyenne while searching out the Rockies for some mountain climbing. Carol morphed into my hero by the way she handled some bullying behavior . . . way to go girl! Basically JusThis was 'bout bullying which I'll refer to as BS from here on out. When a Chief of Police puts together in his own twisted mind that it's okay for him to poke around in other people's marriages . . . that's a form of BS. I had to head to Wyoming by the way because that's the local of my next novel that once again regards BS in another form. Manuscript is completed and in the hands of my Editor. Go Carolyn!
I looked but nooo snakes.

Thinkin' on how grand it all is my friends.

There was a 'C' shaped cloud on the horizon I tellya.

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