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Friday, August 16, 2013

Sex in the Headlines as told in the story JusThis!

Stepped away from it all in the name of good ol' fun. I hit for the open waters in a Cabin Cruiser alla McMurphy's style with a gal as Skipper and another one as Head Fisherwoman. None of us knew what we were actually up against. After making shore somehow we rode on in the darkness because I couldn't find the light switch on a 1960's(?) Land Rover. Laughed the entire time and I guess that's what it's all 'bout.

First there was the Chief of Police Paul Philipp in Austin, followed up by Anthony Weiner in New York and now Mayor Bob Filner in San Diego. I tell ya - confusing times we live in here. I get back to the Studio and find sex upped folks are all over the news, the song remains the same. I guess Mayor Stiehm could have been right after all to cover up the sexcapades of none other than the Chief. It could have cost a ton to get him treated for a possible sex addiction so why not provide him with a nice retirement as long as we got him away from the City of Austin's computers? I know a lot of you have been passing the photos around but pleaze, spare me, I don't want 'em on my site thank you very much.

Didja notice I used the letter Z up there in place of S?

Oh by the way for you survivors of my story JusThis . . . doesn't it seem like the truth and nothing but the truth?


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