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Monday, August 19, 2013

JusThis told you sooooo . . .

The song remains the same my friends, Weiner and his sexting . . . and now that that is old news along comes Mayor Filner and all the allegations of sloppy kisses, groping and his just plain not exactly giving one iota 'bout women's feelings. I'm proud, very proud as to what I accomplished by writing JusThis. I have a ton of women friends, daughters, a wife. I did it for them. I've heard JusThis being referred to as not being plausible. That no man could act out like Pullet. That the story is trashy like 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. Well think again . . . education is the best defense. I don't write smut, I write for a benefit. I write so people can understand just a lit'lte bit more on what they my have to encounter in their lives.

President Clinton-Prime Minister Berlusconi-Senator Ensign-Governor Spitzer-Barney Frank-Larry Craig-Mark Sanford-Kwame Kilpatrick-John Edwards and on and on. Whether they be Presidents, Police Chiefs, Mayors, Generals, Prime Ministers, and on and on . . . they've done a lot to validate the story found in JusThis. Somehow I wish the story could have been JusThat, a work of fiction.

The story told in this book, tackles the thornier side of male sexuality. If someone finds relief in this crazy thing called life by reading this story . . . I'd be eternally grateful.

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