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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

KATE Radio Interview

To: Curt Rude

From: Renae Sather
          KATE Radio
          1633 W. Main St.
          Albert Lea, Mn 56007

Mr. Rude

Upon further review of your book, "JusThis", I have decided to turn down your request
for an interview on my afternoon program, Freeborn County Live, scheduled for
Thursday. I feel the subject matter isn't suited for my
audience. Good luck with the book signing.

Renae Sather

Ahhh but do we disagree. Ignorance is born from not considering the enemy. In this thing called life, we all have those who do not have our best interests in mind. As an officer of the law I met a bunch from all walks of life and figure the best defense, is built from knowledge. I have no idea what kinda audience Sather caters too but figure it must be some kind of Survivalists who are heavily armed. Perhaps they wouldn't benefit from JusThis, so on that point we agree!

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