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Friday, August 9, 2013

Outside looking in on this thing called Mankind

Doug, I went swimming with my phone and it has been declared dead. Do you call Texas your home now? Carolyn, am possibly headed to Door County, will be in your neck of the woods, you open for a Capone Tour? I also read 'Loving Frank' and may check out where he called home. Any ideas, my faithful readers, on where I haveta head?
Just driving along and swung down a mountain into Silverton and bumped into the ol' west.
Thought 'bout The Whiskey A-Go-Go in L.A. That would be something. I have to get my latest story out and then turn a new chapter in this thing called my life. I beat 'Ecoli, guess I'm outta of the infection scare. I've been cleared to make inmate visits and plan to do so in the not too distant future. The Broncos looked like donkeys last night by the way. Last but not least, while I was sleeping with the fish I thought, hey, I'm like not the proud owner of an orchard so I remedied that with the purchase of some apple trees. 

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