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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stepping back into the Old West.

My next story is based out west - right? I have a train in it, so ask yourself, where did I receive my inspiration. For me, being on the road, meeting new folks and encountering something completely different is what it's all about. If ya write, be inspired! If I ain't travelling . . . I'm planning my next trip.

Curt's Top 5 Thing's he's heard on the street . . .
  1. "Can ya get the lead out, I told your wife I was going to be over in a couple of minutes to f **k her."
  2. "If you spent more time on porn sites like your Chief you wouldn't be a druggie!"
  3. "I was going to be a cop but they told me I was too smart."
  4. Calling a woman a "Dickless Tracy".
  5. Referring to a Sergeant as "Sergeant Shit for Brains."
My favorite commercial currently . . . The Dos XX Beer Most interesting man!

Until next time Peace My Friends/Enemies.

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