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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Andrew Pixley died here in 1965

Pixley was examined by Dr. William Karn, Jr. of the Wyoming State Hospital, who pronounced him sane, but an "incurable sociopath" at the trial, adding that "it meant a lot more to Pixley to kill the girls while they were awake." At this, Judge McAuliffe got up from his seat and attempted to assault Pixley before being restrained.[16]
Pixley was tried and sentenced to death, laughing when the execution date was announced.[17] Although an appeal was filed to change his sentence to life imprisonment, he said he did not want an appeal.[18] He was executed in the Wyoming gas chamber on December 10, 1965. He took the longest time to die of any person ever executed in the Wyoming gas chamber.

I hung out on death row, then ended up in the Gas Chamber. Andrew raped and murdered two little girls in a hotel room. This was the last place he spent on earth. Surreal I tellya.

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