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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cops hate Pot

Wait a tick . . . A mayor (Thomas Stiehm) in small town USA seems to be onto something here. Colorado and Washington are legalizing pot for recreational purposes - right? California, has been in the forefront of efforts to make pot available for medical purposes. So here goes, in the Mayor's own words . . .

I have been approached several times by an advocate for legalizing marijuana and asked to support the effort to legalize pot. I did not feel that this is an issue the city needed to address and said so. I was soon after contacted by local media and asked for a comment. Part of my response was that there are worse things than marijuana but that there are also worse things than cyanide. 

Cops have been literally up in arms over these proposals. For whatever reason, be it a need to justify armed intrusions into homes or perhaps to aid in the call to hire more officers . . . a cop hates pot. Whatever - as an informed citizen I would like to strive to maintain a free society, where the democratic process remains above these petty, self-important, special interests. Yes, law enforcement is a special interest.

So I must applaud Mayor Stiehm, an ex cop who admits to having been in the battle (which he lost) against pot for 16 years. Boy, gotta, tellya, that battle must have cost a ton. Now Stiehm seems to have seen the light. He's tossing marijuana and cyanide out there together. Can you imagine? A biodegradable, environmentally friendly material to get rid of rodents! Must work like this, Stiehm didn't say, but you roll up some joints and toss 'em around the barn, garage or wherever the rodents are playing. Bingo, no more rats or mice! Not sure how ya keep folks who wanna partake in Cannabis away from the joints, but whatever. Another side effect of rat poison pot would be waking up to the "Hut-Hut" of the local Swat Team as they crash into your bedroom in armed and dangerous style.

Back tomorrow with more from Normal. a place where nothing is, well, Normal, or is it? Stay thirsty for knowledge my friends.

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