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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Brilliance of Quentin Jerome Tarantino

Tarantino takes a shot at racism, suck ups, and the evils of slavery. He wrote this stuff!!! He's plugged into the truth. If you ain't seen Diablo Unchained, well you ain't seen nothing yet. I know there are some out there who are tucked into comfortable surroundings, who don't want to acknowledge the brutal side of the human animal. For those of you who care, who truly want to understand suffering, read JusThis and watch this movie. Please.

I had this very sad story brought to my attention. Very sad indeed. Gotta feel for the officer, perhaps he had some kind of drug problem. The Chief did what he had to do, he stood up and did the right thing. In this world we live in, there can't be any room for cover-ups and what not. That kind of behavior only makes the issue so much worse. . .
Disgraced former La Crosse police Lt. Brian Thomson stole fake drugs in a sting set up by his department, Chief Ron Tischer said.
Authorities arrested him Aug. 13 on charges of misconduct in office and attempted possession of narcotic drugs but did not reveal his conduct until Thursday. He has resigned, and criminal charges are expected Oct. 2.
The department launched an audit of the evidence room and uncovered “a number” of drug items officials believe were tampered with, Tischer said. The items may undergo testing at the state Crime Laboratory.
Tischer said police are working with prosecutors to ensure cases that involve tampered evidence are handled in the “most appropriate manner.”
Defense attorneys representing clients in affected cases will be notified by the district attorney’s office.
In an email to local defense attorneys, District Attorney Tim Gruenke said several pieces of evidence appear to have been “manipulated.”
“I use the word ‘manipulated’ because it may be the packaged was torn, or the tape holding the package appears to have changed from the time the original seal was made,” he wrote.
Tischer defended his department, saying Thomson’s actions do not reflect the otherwise dedicated and ethical La Crosse officers.
“Brian Thomson shattered the trust of our agency and the community and in doing so must now face the consequences of his actions,” the chief said.
The department also is reviewing its evidence handling processes and security procedures to prevent similar conduct in the future.

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