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Sunday, September 22, 2013


Well Mister Rude, your book sure seems to be timely.

Yeah, right, the business end of publishing I suppose. I have a story, built on my experiences with those who have lost hope, who have access to guns, knives and dynamite. I started writing this story well before the DC Mass Shooting. It was finished before Chicago's version of a Mass Shooting. I wished, the story wasn't so timely . . .  though.

We all have a burden to bare, to learn, to understand. It is my most sincere hope and wish, that JusThis pointed us in a direction of understanding, regarding men and their crazy sexual appetites. Why they arrive at a point of elevated status and then drift towards destructive sexual practices. General Petraus anyone? My next story, built upon my involvement with the killers among us, steps into the mind of a Mass Killer. Peace my friends.

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