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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Luxury and Prostitutes

Lets see here, CMDR Khem used his position, allegedly, with the Navy to score a luxurious lifestyle complete with prostitutes. He was arrested yesterday. In JusThis, we had the old Chief of Police, Badge. Take a sec, and read the piece below, gleaned from the book. I wrote about this long before the avalanche of headlines about sexed up guys screwing up. We could all learn something from ol' Badge.

 When a computer first arrived in Badge’s office, it gave him nothing but grief. He had to take classes to learn how to use it—and then it always seemed to be crashing. It was fear and loathing at first sight, but it would turn to love before long. Soon after he turned it on, it began to turn him on in return—when he discovered the Internet.
While working as a policeman, Badge had mostly managed to keep the Urge under control, but with the advent of the World Wide Web, the Urge refused to take a backseat. Sex, feelings of entitlement, and anonymity, all meshed together to allow the Urge to start occupying an ever-increasing amount of time. Badge could take chances on the Internet that he never would have considered in reality.

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