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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Playing With Fire

In my next story, I have guys playing with fire as in dynamite. I've played around some with bombs this summer and have even been asked to hangout with dynamite. You see, you have to understand, really understand just what it is you're writing about. Dynamite? You may wonder, is your next story about bombs and killing and, and, and?

Well, my first story, JusThis was described as being kinda trashy erotica. It had to be, how else you gonna explain a lyin' deceitful police chief who wants to make love to his keyboard? I was out with this story before the likes of Anthony Weiner, Filner & Petraeus had their sexcapades tossed out into the media. Get this, a mayor from small town America accused me of being inspired by a police chief he covered up for! I was stunned, I mean I looked at him and said . . . "Wow, you know how to read?" After his coverup was exposed the good people agreed to vote him back into office so no harm done to his reputation and all's well in smalltown America again.


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