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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Top 10 Reason Not To Read My Stories!

  1. You're sick with the flu or something and you brain is on pause.
  2. You can't pull yourself away from X-Factor.
  3. Sex, and only sex is on your mind 24-7.
  4. The drugs flowing in your system make it impossible to focus.
  5. You're drunker than 10 men.
  6. You're hen pecked, pussy whipped, or brow beaten and your spouse won't give you permission.
  7. You're a bored doctor's wife who'd prefer a more intellectual experience to relate to the crew at the golf club.
  8. You want to reread 50 Shades for the millionth time 'cause it tinkles your whatever.
  9. You never mastered the ability to read.
  10. Finally . . . drum roll please . . . your little world of poems and promises would be shattered if ya found out they ain't all they cracked up to be.

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