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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


My stories come from my frame of reference. I have come across a lot of folks during my life. I am calling out bad behavior. I'm trying to toss up what rapist told me in so many words. I am trying to get people to act like cops once they're being accused of something. Period. Kids have ta know they have rights and being square with a cop ain't going to make it better. Save the confessions for the clergy.

Once cops, lawyers, judges or whatever are found out, guess what? They play the game. I worked for Chief Paul Philipp who prided himself in having such high standards. Well, when this guy was called on the carpet for what I'll call being an Internet Don Juan do you think he came clean? Naaa. He postured and played the game of dishonor. The Mayor gave him a plaque of honor, the city gave him a nice retirement package and the taxpayers were left holding the internet bill. I'd of thought he could have been charged with misappropriating public funds for his own lusty purposes.

So you see, when you land in the soup, protect yourself. Act like The Chief of Police does. Be Careful out there today.  

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