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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I have 1228 messages in my inbox. Thanks for the interest folks. I make attempts at scanning them and answering in a sense that covers a lot of them. Remember, if ya post on the blog I'll answer it for sure. I know a lot of you are frightened and want to remain anonymous. You can, just make up a name when logging in. I can't find out your ID even if I wanted to. I think the web administrator does that to eliminate spam or something. Anyways here goes . . . 

What do you think about the Chief raping that gal in your part of the country? Okay, first, I think JusThis pretty much covers what I think of rape. Second, that chief is innocent until proven guilty . . . period. What disturbs me so far is the fact that the community already terminated him because a lawyer said they could. This was what the mayor said anyways. The mayor, by the way works in law enforcement with the now ex-chief. What about an inherent conflict of interest here? At least the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension was called in to conduct an independent investigation. I'm assuming they called in agents that did not know the Chief. So there you go.

JusThis is a 'under pressure' read. Just wait until Brand of Justice arrives. I've warned you!

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