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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ready . . . Aim . . . Write

Lets do it online. All are welcome to jump in and add to this story. I'll start it off.

She sat, she stared and wondered. How come it all amounted to nothing? Was there something she'd missed. Everything came so easy to others. It was never easy for her though. She knew what she wanted. It had always eluded her. Her hopes and dreams were always just out of reach, about like a rabbit on a greyhound track. Please, she thought, just one more chance.

Her marriage was so-so. She taught well. It was just a certain longing that needed to be satisfied. It seemed just outa reach. Kinda like a mosquito bite that can't be reached. But tonight. Standing and wondering. How many others were noticing it. And in such important company. Here he was, advertising to the world just what he was. It irked her. When she'd met him in a former life, he had it all. A car, grin and his name on a sign. Well, his family's last name anyways. How could you want anymore. But then a couple of years and the Club taught her. She saw him for what little he was.

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