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Thursday, November 28, 2013

This ones for Jerimie, Shalane, Bob, Brianne . . .

Brand of Justice's dedication is as follows . . . "To incarcerated innocence and the loved ones they've left behind." You ever hear about The Innocence Project? How 'bout the West Memphis Three? You ever read the Tears of Adda? You ever think how horrible the cloud of injustice is? When Chicago was releasing hundreds of inmates who had been wrongfully convicted but found innocent because of DNA one prosecutor was heard to say . . . "oh well, I don't feel bad cause they did other stuff and belong in jail". Is that somehow wrong?

When I wrote JusThis, I took a shot at rapists. When I wrote Brand of Justice I take a well deserved shot at the criminal justice system. Think on this for a sec . . . Tommy Lee Jones said it in Men in Black . . . "One man is smart, people are stupid." Think on that and then consider the group of people our criminal justice system is based on . . . juries. Please talk to your children about the realities of criminal justice.

If ya haven't been smoked by the criminal justice system yet give thanks. Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to all including those lost souls tossed behind bars so unfairly.

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