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Sunday, December 22, 2013

191 @ Goodreads want a copy!

Of course I'm pumped about all the interest. So lets see here. I say it's high time we have a contest here on my blog. I have a book signing up near Eau Claire,Wisconsin in the community of Mondovi.  How cool is that? Mondovi. That is where a great author Camus hailed out of. Well Mondovi in Algiers. Anyways the community he loved turned it's back on him. I'm going to be at the White Pig. My first signing is possibly going to be in Memorial, Colorado. I get around. My Mondovi didn't turn it's back on me.

Back to the contest. I have a character in my book named Rogers. Wisconsin loves a guy by the name of Rogers.To honor the good folks of Wisconsin, the next time I use the name Rogers, email me at Click and Win! The first response gets a signed copy of Brand of Justice or JusThis. Your choice.

TV personalities are always prettier than yours truley.

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