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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Final day of 2013

Been great on the New Mexico border. I'll be putting another book up on Ebay, Higgins Bookstore will be taking delivery of Brand of Justice in a couple of days. Remember to email me in the event you spot me using the Green Bay Packer QB's name. I'll send ya a book if you're the first to email or post on this site. When I get pointed back towards the Midwest I'll send Sara her copy of Brand of Justice. I have a give away listed on Greatreads and will be hosting a Q&A on that site.

Got stopped in a little town in southern Colorado. Really got a laugh out of it. I had a brake light out. I felt like Tinkey in Brand of Justice. Trooper KP was going to check out Brand of Justice. I told him it was a must read for cops. I also said I think the story is great, but then again, I wrote the book and better think it's great.

So lets see. I've had a ton of book discussions. I've pointed out how to read Brand of Justice. There are song selections before each chapter to set the tone for the chapter. It's been pointed out that I take a shot with this story. I wanted to point something out with this story. I really hope you'll enjoy reading the story as much as I did putting it together. Remember, you can always contact me with thoughts or concerns.  I'll be back in the Studio and promise to get on top of your questions and what not in the next couple. Patience if ya been attempting to contact me. Will be heading up to Wolf Creek and be out of sight and sound for the next couple of days. Can't say I miss Minnesota with the wind chills. Anyways, I'll be in Ashland Wisconson before long.

Have a happy and safe New Year.

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