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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Steamworks Brewing Company, Brand of Justice & Colorado

Plunging down one mighty steep drop and flyin' into the air ain't nearly as exhilarating as hangin' out at The Steamworks Brewing Company with an aspiring author. Another fellow was even inspired to take the Cinnamon Challenge after seeing me tackle it. Most Americans die when they're about 35 but ain't buried until they're around 75 or 80. Think about it, live in your dreams - not your past.

I know, I know,  a helmet is advised.


  1. Curt,
    It looks like you travel quite frequently. How does this effect the way you write?

  2. Curt-I started reading your book Brand of Justice, and it really starts off with a bang. Thanks for the good read.

  3. Traveling has worked out well for me. 'Brand of Justice' takes place in Wyoming where I spent a lot of time. I take pieces from my trips and incorporate them into my stories. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the start of the story.