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Thursday, January 30, 2014

High Time for a good Ol' Rant!

First things first. 912 have signed up for a copy of Brand of Justice. 354 have placed the story on their 'to read' shelf. For January, I've had 1,664 visits on this blog from folks who call Canada, Australia, Merry Ol' England and the US home.

I wrote JusThis for those who have been raped. I put it out there. I don't sugar coat it. Quite frankly . . . I just don't figure criminal sexual conduct deserves to be made palatable. Understood? "But is it plausible? A Police Chief would never do anything like this." Oh really. Well look. You're wrong. Period. I've been an Internal Affairs Officer. I read. Do yourself a favor and Google the subject. Then sit back and go 'Oh shit. Police Chiefs can rape girls from small towns'.  

Secondly. I was informed in no uncertain terms that my efforts probably aren't good for the cops. The lay public doesn't need to know this stuff. This, from a member of the law enforcement community. Really. Then I'll just pull the books from publication. Well, okay. Just kidding. Here's why folks need to read my stories. Because nobody, not kids, young adults, the criminally charged, traffic violators and-and-and
deserve to be screwed by the criminal justice system. The good cops can be appreciated and the bad ones called out. The 'lay public' pay the police to perform a service and should know if they're getting their monies worth. I mean dammit. I appreciate the comments. But educate yourself. Read. Real life ain't about CSI and all that other crap on the tube. That's Hollywood bullshit. 

Why would you stand up for a criminal in prison? Because of how the system is used to confuse, bewilder and beat folks away from fairness. Now here's what you types who lost empathy should do. Check out Rolando Cruz. A visitor to this site pointed this out to me. Read the Wikipedia Article. He got nailed for the rape and murder of a ten year old girl. Gosh, there were lyin' cops. Prosecutors withholding evidence. I mean they even went so far as to hide a confession. Their actions seem to indicate they wanted to murder an unjustly accused and wrongfully convicted guy. Ouch! The back cover of Brand of Justice has some excellent material on it.

Thanks for stopping by. Keep Reading. It's our only chance.  

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