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Monday, January 6, 2014

If you're out there . . . Mr. Rolando Cruz . . . contact me. You're what Brand of Justice is all about!

I tasted the evil of folks being wrongfully convicted, over charged, and subjected to lies and deceit. I've experienced first hand cops remaining quiet in the face of a wrong. Perhaps they want to get promoted or something. I've heard the attitude of 'it'll never happen to me'. This all combined and propelled me to tell this story. Brand of Justice. I had to tell this story for Jerimie. He was raised to respect authority. Well, police are someone, and no one is perfect. You have to know how to protect yourself. Believe you me. It can happen. It does happen. Everyday. I received the following message from a follower of this blog. Read it. Think about it. Keep reading, it's our only chance.

Say, just wanted to follow up & give you a bit of info on that case of Rolando Cruz...
You can google Rolando Cruz Case ....you will find a host of articles and facts from various entities.....including the Innocence Project.....and the DuPage Seven ( refers to the County in IL where trial took place AND the high profile office holders who were subsequently placed on trial for wrongfully convicting Cruz).....lots to read, etc.
Mr. Cruz, then exonerated after 10 years on death row, ( as told to my brother), literally took a map, closed his eyes and placed his finger on his (destination of choice)......his new home.  It was Darien, Wi, a village similar to Rose Creek & about 12 miles from where we live.  My brother who lives in the country near there, came to meet Mr. Cruz upon getting a pup from a litter (Cruz) had advertised.  Not knowing ANY history of Mr. Cruz, my brother came to learn quite a bit, needless to say.  My bro & his friend subsequently met with Mr. Cruz over a campfire...talking & (listening) to him until 3 in the morning.  This was approx 8 years ago....and my bro & his friend do not know of Cruz' location now.  He no longer lives on Oak Street in Darien, Wi.
So much more...you can read and research, Curt.

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