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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Philomena Top Indie Film

Why Indie? Because the creator exercises more control over the effort. Another benefit is costs remain low. I have Brand of Justice on Amazon for $7.74 plus you get the Kindle version for free. I figure this is an important enough read to place it on Ebay for an initial bid of .99 cents. Plus the book is up on Nook, Smashwords & the iStore. The Higgins Bookstore in Austin, 110 North Main, has the story, in stock. You can read Brand of Justice for free by picking up a copy in Minnesota Libraries.

Why Brand of Justice? it's a story about cops getting it wrong. It's the story of a young man, who is pissed and slipping into a state of despair until. Until he starts doing something, even though that involves bombs, knives and guns. Sound familiar? It should. It's fiction that reads like non-fiction. It's a suspenseful account of lives gone wrong.

What else? Storytelling is about growth. Writers create and grow. This growth involves crossing paths with others. Take book blogger and author Trish out on the east coast . . .  in Quantico,Virginia. I crossed paths with her and we became friends. She figures my middle name is "Insane". Great friends, based on a passion of telling stories. Check her out, especially if you're a budding author. The Total Writer 

Enough Said?

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