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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Random Messages about Brand of Justice

Good morning Captain! I didn't realize you had a couple published books...good for you and congrats! I've published a couple myself, and thought I'd pass on that on Goodreads, you can go to different groups and ask them to read your books, and then give a review on a "couple" different sites including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc (and of course Goodreads). It's just something I thought I'd pass on (maybe you already know about this....but just in case). I saw you had a review from the Austin Daily Herald as well....nice!

Collette wrote: "I want to finish it ....... :)" This just so happens to be a real dyed in the wool cow girl from out west! She could be Sheila in Brand of Justice I tell you.

By Woodchuck Avid Reader on December 8, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition Amazon Verified Purchase
Once again, Curt Rude has drawn from his life experiences as a law enforcement officer and has written an outstanding book that I could not put down. I cannot remember the last time I read until 2:00 a.m. to finish a book! Rude has great insight that shows in the dialogue between the characters, as well a personal knowledge of the Casper, WY area. Along with the great story of law and justice, Rude inserts phrases that are unique and fitting. Very refreshing. Keep up the great work Mr. Rude. I'm eagerly awaiting your next book.

Good morning Captain! I didn't realize you had a couple published books...good for you and congrats! I received this post from an author of romance stories . . . J. A. Tran. Check him out!

Just talked with your endorser of your newest penned work, reading the
cover to him made him giggle.  He should get his copy sometime the week of
Christmas, what a present.  Thanks for keeping him in your thoughts and
prayers.  Sorry that Denver has to lose out this year….. Received this email. 'Brand of Justice' is being read in the Montana Prison!

 'Just finished bend of justice. Liked it a lot.' Instant Message from an avid reader.

Got to love Peyton.... from what I have read o your book its brings you right in to it wasn't happy when I had to stop do to no more to read:(

By CO Reader on December 31, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition Amazon Verified Purchase
Fiction? Reads like nonfiction, sorta scary! Cops like this are in the headlines more and more each day. Must read.

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