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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Violence in America

For 30+ years I waltzed around the nasty side of human nature. I studied it. I was at the National academy just after Jodie Foster was there filming The Silence of the Lambs. It was my privilege to get to know murders, rapist and was left to ponder the mess that oozed from the human animal. My story, Brand of Justice points out some 'whys' to what appears as random violence. A young man shows up in a public setting with a gun, knife and bomb. I wrote this by the way, long before the shootings in Nevada and Colorado. Isn't it about time someone starts writing in this direction?

Post the answer on this blog. Where was this photo snapped? I'll send ya a totally free copy of Brand of Justice.

Another Review . . . Its always an interesting journey reading an authors first novel. I stumbled upon Justhis on my kindle while browsing the bookstore, and found it to be quite an absorbing book.
I would recommend this book to anyone with the time to travel down a path of darkness and despair. This book is labeled "thriller" for a good reason!


  1. I am not sure where the picture is from, but I can tell you where my nightmares came from- your last book, Brand of Justice. It was thought provoking to say the least. I was absorbed.

  2. Thanks a ton for the kind words. I wrote it to take a shot [pun intended] at violence. Some officers take up building birdhouses or fishing when they are no longer cops. I continued with my storytelling. Sorry you didn't know the where abouts of the picture.

  3. I know where this room is. It's in the home of Papa himself, the late, great author of Old Man and the Sea! None other than Ernest Hemingway! I'll email you to receive this fine gift! My mom will love reading it, as she is obsessed with crime stories. Of course, she first has to complete JusThis.

  4. Got it, it'll be in your hands before long. Thanks much for the interest.

  5. i got the book u write great thank you thank you thank you