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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another Author visits the Infamous Rude Winery

Jeffrey Ollman stopped by. He's written Trust Me Now, Cassandras Moon and has another book in the works . . . The Book Club Murders. Curt Rude? oh ya, you already now he's put together JusThis & Brand of Justice. The Infamous Rude Winery's door is always open to creative minded authors. Oh, and the wine, many thanks go to, Kevin and his lovely wife, of Collective Spirits in Albert Lea for making it happen. So who's the next author? I hope Marie Fostino. She wrote a story that in my opinion, as an ex-cop and father is a must read for Young Adults. Young Gals and, Guys must experience The Silver Locket . . . click here folks to read a sample of The Silver Locket The Silver Locket on Amazon Get this, all the mentioned books can be picked up on a Kindle or Nook for less than you'd pay for one book at Barnes and Noble.


  1. Curt you were the best cop this town ever had. The old cheif shafted you. We all know. I loved your book Justhis. I wonder what the cheif would think of it. Did his wife have a problem with her weight? Glad to see your doing so well. I plan on stopping in at Tolly's for your book signing. Thanks for standing up for us at the schools and getting rid of you know who! Jean

  2. One of the weird wonders of Social Media. This message just arrived Jean! The last I saw of the Chief was when I was in City Hall. I stated there was only one officer in the Hall with honor and it isn't him (I pointed at Chiel Philipp). I thus have no idea if he ever read the story. Am pleased you enjoyed the story. I guess we all struggle with our weight but Mayor Stiehm shared your thoughts. I had to address the needs of the School District. I had to give back to employees of the District for all they did for me. I guess you could say my father gave his life in the Air Force and I sacrificed in the interest of public service. Jean, I can't thank you enough for the kind words. Now you have me thinking about a book signing. I just had one in Wisconsin and had a great time getting together with my readers.