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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How I nailed it.

Seeing is Writing.

Brand of Justice

I wanted to understand it. So I could write it. After the story is put together it's certainly rewarding to realize readers have enjoyed it. The following scenes have been dropped into Brand of Justice.

Finished the book yesterday-- well done Curt!!

Hanging out in the Death Chamber.

Tinkey and Dub headed here to pick up the goods for some underaged drinking.

The Line Shack where the snakes were used, is located a couple of miles from here.

The fairgrounds where Sheila and Fiona barrell race.

The Police Waterloo took place here.

The Wells Fargo Tower that Tinkey gazed up at.


  1. Stopped by Higgin's to pick up a book, but I see they are only open on the weekends and Friday. I guess it'll be a couple of days before I can pick it up. I hope it's going good for you Curt.

  2. It's going great for me. Thanks. Your right, Higgins is open Friday and Saturdays 11 - 5 and Sunday, Noon - 5.