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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mayo RN's say yes, Brand of Justice, could happen as written!

I had a Captain from Chicagoland look over Brand of Justice and give me his opinion. Was the story plausible? Did the Investigators act and react as they would on the mean streets of America? His answer. Yes. Issues like this happen and investigators would have looked it over, jumped to wrong conclusions and hit for the barn without even snapping pictures. He said it was obvious that I'd been in the bizz personally and not just regurgitating material from TV.

I had several Mayo Clinic RN's review the homicides in Brand of Justice. Could it occur as written? Well, yes. But what kinda guy thinks up of stuff like this? When I heard that, I got a kick out of it. A novelist, who was a cop in a prior life, and is pushing a storyline, thinks up of stuff like this. That's who! Be careful out there today. Remember the worst cop in the world, could be on duty. We don't know where.

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