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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Walking with Giants!

For the longest time plenty of folks were too frightened to acknowledge yours truly in public. Like Dylan sang . . . oh the times are a changin'. I found it very disturbing to have to watch a police officer cower at a Blandin Meeting, just because he's at a table with me. Sad stuff I tell ya. That's why I'm so excited to have bravery tossed at me from these awesome folks. They ain't cops. They ain't soldiers . . . but they're brave enough to stand up and be heard. Awesome!

Kris McAlister Wobschall commented on your photo.
Kris wrote: "I just ordered them both last night :)"

Another happy reader.

Author Jeff Ollman stopped in for book discussions and wine. It's been great discovering all these timeless friendships.

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  1. When you use stories from your past how do you know it's alright to use them, is there some sort of confidencial law about that? I really like the characters in Brand of Justice, I feel like I see bits and pieces of people I know in them.