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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bill O'Reilly - Mower County Court - Child Rape Charges

Its been brought to my attention that Kristen Nelsen had nothing to do with the Gary Hegna case and was unfairly criticized by Bill O'Reilly on national T.V. Well alrighty then . . . what do I think about that? She is the head of her department and as such can delegate authority but not responsibility. She also was afforded the opportunity to be heard on this matter but ignored pleas for any additional information. She was elected on behalf of the folks from Mower county and as such she owes us some respect. A good start would be having her stop ignoring constituents. Period.

Another fact was brought to my attention from this individual who works in the Courthouse. Apparently there was concern that Gary Hegna was being 'set up'. This is why some considerations were made in regards to the allegations he was facing. Well alrighty then . . . what do I think about that? If Gary was being 'set up' then an investigation should be conducted. If this is infact the case then the charges should be dropped, not reduced. I mean . . . really folks . . . if he's innocent and mistakes were made, then admit it with actions that include dropping all charges. I know all about false arrests, overcharging and wrongful convictions. It happens everyday.

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