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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

'Police Perils' & Michael Tray

First off . . . please brush up on the latest information on this horrible incident. Shooting Info

Obviously . . . having the incident captured on camera would have benefited everyone regarding this incident. Secondly . . . independent witnesses could have also been beneficial. We have neither. So, some of you want to know what I think of this? Right? Well here goes. And please, I understand your angst, disbelief that something like this could happen. That it's the words of two live policemen versus one dead man. I heard what you said about dead men not telling any stories. So here goes . . .

Tray's girlfriend's roommate who I'm going to assume has met him previously to the night in question observed how he was acting. She saw him with a beer and a gun she thought it was cocked. What did she do? She called the cops.

Tray's girlfriend talked to him on the phone and was headed his way to put the gun away. She seems to think it's not a good idea to be running around with a gun.

Cops respond and encounter Tray who is standing by a garbage receptacle with a beer. He says the gun is empty. Shooters in the past have been known to lie and the officers in no way should believe this statement.

Tray reportedly does not follow the officers commands. I know there were no recordings of this incident and cops have lied in the past. Actions speak loudly so far though. With how Tray's girlfriend and the roommate had responded.

Three beers
were in the car. Tray had a BAC of .25.

I have to conclude that alcohol negatively impacted Trays thinking. Who among us doesn't know someone who has gotten drunk and stupid? Alcohol is the cause of much death and mayhem in this world we live in. I know it isn't a crime to be drunk. But excess drinking introduced 'Police Perils' into Trays life and then ended it. I'm not sure why he was shot multiple times. I'm not sure what actually triggered this shooting, but, it seems to be because Tray was acting strange, had a gun, was not listening and approached the cops. Just as drinking impairs your ability to drive, it also impairs your ability to react appropriately to police officers. With how this played out, I conclude the officers responded, and did, what they had to do. They couldn't just let a man with a gun approach them.

R.I.P. You are sadly missed.


  1. I am new here to your site but if I'm reading this correctly "Tray" was killed by the officer's for not following directions. With a B.A.C. at that level, I'm surprised he was even able speak. He was intoxicated probably to the point of a black-out, which is quite sad now that he has lost his life.

    If he was only able to follow the commands of the officer's who are trained to shoot to kill, he would most definitely be alive today.

  2. It's bigger than that. The shoot to kill deal. If he'd have been only able to understand how close to death he was. I'm thinking the officers saw a gun, he taunted them and died. If the cops were of a different mind set, they could have called it differently and who knows, well, if it happens again, they may be more patient. But in the cops minds, they were scared. They were relatively new on the force and did what they thought they had to do. I was a cop for a zillion years and know how scary this would have been. I think it is just plain awful how this played out. I'm stained by my work on behalf of the public for 30+ years and have written a book. PM for a copy. I'd love to send you a one.