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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Your Attention Please

A police officer is told he isn't under an arrest but is followed out of an interview and tailed by a DCI Agent for seven blocks. Officer Ellenbecker of Forest City Iowa, shows the Agent he’s armed and is ordered to come back to the DCI Agent but for some reason flees. Ellenbecker ends up getting shot in the leg by the agent and is transported to the hospital where agents commence with relentlessly interviewing Ellenbecker. Ellenbecker argued that his confession was coerced out of him after he was medicated. The Appeals Court sided with him. If a police officer is tricked out of his rights and improperly treated by agents of the criminal justice system, ask yourself . . . what could they do to you and yours?

Police Officer Thaddus Ellenbecker of Forest City Iowa


  1. What's a DCI agent?

  2. DCI stands for Division of Criminal Investigation. It is a State of Iowa police entity funded to provide advanced police techniques statewide, It's kinda scary to think agents who are trained in advanced techniques tricked an individual out of his right and the Appellant Court had to step in. These issues result in false arrests/convictions.

  3. Don' this dude belong in prisosn?