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Monday, June 2, 2014

Aaron Hernandez can't afford a Legal Defense any longer. The Prosecution remains fully funded.

After spending nearly a year behind bars and dealing with an ever-growing list of legal issues, former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez apparently is running out of cash. Rankin and Sullivan, along with Michael Fee, have served as Hernandez’s primary counsel.  Rankin and Sullivan have notified the court they may have to withdraw from the case. Fee has not filed a similar motion.

On the one hand, something doesn’t feel right about lawyers bleeding a millionaire dry and then cutting him lose when he’s out of money.  On the other hand, lawyers will end up being out of money if they work for free.

  1. Thanks to NBC Sports for the above article. In a nut shell. If Rankin and Sullivan can swoop in and bankrupt a millionaire, how long would it take them to do it to you or me?
  2. Just what did they do to warrant the millions they've already made here?
  3. If the State Prosecutes, should the State not defend equally in the interest of fairness? Consideration and oversight regarding fees must be in place to protect each and everyone of us from the judiciary. If it's all about fairness doesn't this make sense? 

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