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Friday, June 27, 2014

Anthony Bourdain (Kitchen Confidential) knows Mister Conte, who knows Curt Rude (Brand of Justice)

Now John Conte, who Anthony Bourdain just happens to know, knows Curt Rude. Great time, great food and oh so much fun. That's what it's all about . . . isn't it? I love John for his creativity. I'm not uptight, snooty and promise never to be! His scallops and shrimp had me believing I'd died and went to heaven. Next time you hit Rockland, Maine, check him out. You wont be sorry!

This from an online review . . .
Anthony Bourdain's visit was probably a blessing and a curse.  But the folks that  look to Bourdain for his opinion, visit Conte's and then complain about the place, I'd argue don't really understand what Bourdain was saying.  Bourdain is a guy that appreciates a gray's papaya dog or KFC mac n' cheese just as much as he appreciates classically prepared food.  He likes different foods for what they are.  He gets that Conte's is what it is and should be appreciated for the whole of what it is.  

If you are uptight , snooty and think you know it all, you won't enjoy this place.  If you can allow yourself to try and appreciate what it is Conte's is doing, you will LOVE this place.  Like I said, I go here every chance I get.

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